We have assembled an Organization with substantial expertise in all aspects of the Banking and Finance sector, telecommunication industry including Infrastructure, Operations Systems Support, Customer Relationship Management, E commerce and Decision Support. Our team has managed large-scale enterprise level programs in Canada and has a thorough and intimate working knowledge of Banking and Financial Industries and their technology needs. Our Team also possesses a fully fledged understanding of telecommunication networks and the service fulfillment process.

      Our team also has the necessary expertise to build integrated solutions with products and services for the Banking and Financial sector, We have a fully capable and experienced team that can ably provide full support and implement Interim and Permanent solutions for Customer core and Data Warehousing. Our Team has implemented a Centralized, integrated collateral tracking solutions for Credit Operational system to provide a full solution for the Credit Risk System (Basel) for the Bank wide basis for various portfolios of the Bank.  We can also provide an Operating Risk Management System to manage operational risk. Our team is fully capable of providing WAN, LAN and Network Operations and System Monitoring, support and maintenance. We also provide many other experienced resources including Network engineers for ATM support and help desk agents.

      IT projects. Project management resources are our key players in the Industry. We provide talented Project Managers both locally and globally.

       In summary, our team believes strongly that success is dependent upon the establishment of a good, continuous working relationship with clients' staff. It starts on Day 1 and grows stronger as we progress through each phase of the project.

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